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Old Photo Gallery

This is an early 1930's view of a rustic bridge that no longer exists. The location is where the large iconic cross-lake suspension bridge (finished in spring 1936) now stands. 


For the enjoyment of our past, present and future residents and friends, below are galleries of more historic photos, documents, maps, articles, postcards, & ads from the pioneer days through the pre-incorporation development years of Tower Lakes, to the very recent past. Read our History, and the other pages in our Virtual Museum for more info on the people and scenes depicted in these galleries.

bullet1834-1924 - Pioneers Before the Lakes
bullet1924-1925 - D&B, the Lake and Rev. Rader
bullet1926-1966 - The Barsumian Era
bullet1966-present - Post-incorporation Village of Tower Lakes
bulletLate 1960's & 70's
bulletMayors & Chiefs
bullet1980's & 90's
bulletNew Millennium

Some of the photos are of uncertain date and location. If you can help with identification, or if you or anyone you know have additional photos to share, please contact the Village Office. We'd love your help in documenting and sharing our heritage.

Click any mini photo to see the full-size picture, then use your browser's Back button to return to this page. 

1834 to 1924 - Pioneers Before the Lakes


1837-40 Cuba Survey Plat.jpg (61959 bytes) 1st_purchases.jpg (113926 bytes) 1841 Map.JPG (146282 bytes)
Sketch of Amos Flint's 1834 log cabin, near where Flint Creek meets the Fox River. The first European-American pioneer in the area. Plat from original federal survey of northeast Cuba Township (before it was named) surveyed in 1837-1840 Map of initial purchasers of federal lands in 1840's, Northern Cuba Township. Northernmost John Murray parcel is known to be shown incorrectly. 1841 Lake Co. Map
Land Patent.JPG (244442 bytes) 1861_plat_a.jpg (375599 bytes) 1861 RR Map.gif (277167 bytes) JL Brooks.jpg (16008 bytes)
1846 Land Patent from U.S. President James K. Polk certifying Hugh Davlin's 1836 claim to the 40 acres around his cabin at Davlin's Corners  1861 Cuba/Wauconda Township Plat 1861 Railroad map of area near corners of Cook, Lake & McHenry Counties. The center of the future Tower Lakes is Cuba Twp, Section 2 (the 3rd box from the left in Lake County and the sixth box up from the bottom of Lake County. Notice the creek, but no lake yet. Rev. John Lewis Brooks (1870's?)
1873 Plat.JPG (163897 bytes) 1875 Cuba Twp Map.jpg (83939 bytes) 1877 Map.JPG (231710 bytes)
1873 Cuba Twp. Plat 1875 map of Cuba Twp vicinity. Davlin's Corners (future Tower Lakes) is centered on Section 2. Barrington-Wauconda Rd, Indian Trail Rd & Roberts Rd (then called River Rd and with more curves) are all clearly visible, as is Mud Creek. 1876 Lake Co. Map 1877 Lake Co. Map
1885_plat_a.jpg (346384 bytes) MayorDavlin.jpg (149576 bytes) Davlin School a.jpg (187424 bytes) Davlin School Students a.jpg (229592 bytes)
1885 Cuba Twp. Plat Note: there are some minor factual errors in this fascinating story published for Wauconda's 1977 Centennial, for more on the Davlin family see Pioneer Families Davlin School. Circa 1896. Courtesy Wauconda Township Historical Society Teacher & students at Davlin School. Date & names unknown. Courtesy Wauconda Twp. Historical Society
ewbrooks.jpg (78544 bytes) 1907_plat.jpg (384883 bytes) Vincent_Davlin_1910-15.jpg (624300 bytes) 1912 Downtown Barrington.jpg (133264 bytes)
E. W. Brooks, son of pioneer John Lewis Brooks, as Wauconda Mayor (1903-06) 1907 Cuba Twp. Plat Davlin House (now 108 E. Tower Dr.) 1910-15. Vincent, Edna, Charlie & Marian Davlin. Courtesy of Davlin family members, incl. Eileen Francis 1912 Downtown Barrington
1913 Old Maude.jpg (97989 bytes) davlin1918_8.jpg (63612 bytes) cedavlin.jpg (62497 bytes) 1915-20_plat.jpg (453501 bytes)
May 10, 1913, the PLZ&W railroad comes to Wauconda, spurring a boom in summer resorts and land speculation in the area, eventually including the creation of Tower Lake Sketch of Davlin School, probably by Charlie E. Davlin, from 1918 report on local history by student Marian Davlin Charlie E. Davlin, grandson of pioneer Hugh Davlin, as Wauconda Mayor (1953-57) 1915-20 Cuba Township Plat
USGS Topo 1923.jpg (1123243 bytes) usgs 1923 small.jpg (808281 bytes)    
 1923 USGS topo map before lake existed. 1923 color USGS topo map before lake existed.    

1924-1925 - D&B, the Lake and Reverend Rader


June 26 1924.JPG (341550 bytes) detrick_age_80.jpg (69244 bytes) Dec 18 1924.JPG (132807 bytes) 1920s postcard right side up.jpg (129886 bytes)
June 26, 1924 Wauconda Leader feature on new lake at Tower Lake Park, "one of the most beautiful spots in northern Illinois"

Myron H. Detrick at age 80 in 1942

Dec 18, 1924, Davlin School burns down as reported in the Wauconda Leader 1924-25 Postcard of what is now Duck Is. from the then-causeway. Note trees in the water which have been cut down in subsequent colorized photos below. Probably the earliest photo we have of the lake.
the tower b.jpg (128070 bytes) the tower c.jpg (4984 bytes) TL Park Plat.jpg (2092021 bytes) TL Park Sold.JPG (95714 bytes)
The Tower

The Tower, 1920's

1925 Tower Lake Park Plat May 22, 1925 Wauconda Leader story on Rev. Rader's purchase of TLP and the surrounding farms
paul rader portrait.jpg (288384 bytes) TL Picnic 1925.JPG (70900 bytes)
Paul Rader's Chicago Gospel Tabernacle, under construction in 1922 at Clark, Halsted & Barry in Chicago Rev. Paul Rader Ad for Rader's Memorial Day 1925 function at New Conference Grounds near Wauconda (Tower Lakes) in the May 23 Chicago Daily News Memorial Day, 1925, an estimated 2,000 people pack Tower Lakes
July 4 1925.JPG (121911 bytes) 1925 Scene Along Tower Lake Postcard.jpg (25739 bytes)
July 4, 1925 flyer Postcard, summer 1925, a Paul Rader function Sept 6, 1925 tragedy, as reported in the Sept 10 Barrington Review & Wauconda Leader Rev. Rader speaks at Barrington's Salem Church in Oct 1925. Barrington Review, Oct 22, 1925
Jan 30 1926.JPG (209861 bytes)
Paul Rader's brother Luke and members of his radio show appear at Barrington's Salem Church in the week of Jan 18 1926. Barrington Review, Jan 14, 1926 Jan 30, 1926 Chicago Daily News article on the never completed Rader plan for Tower Lakes, probably modeled after Moody Church's Cedar Lake, IN retreat. Sketch of nationally famous radio evangelist Rev. Paul Rader from the archives of the Wheaton College Institute for the Study of American Evagelicals Paul Rader finds a less costly option and moves retreat from Tower Lakes to Muskegon MI, as reported in the Muskegon Chronicle in May 1926

1926-1966 - The Barsumian Era


Barsumian circa 1960.JPG (79485 bytes) 1926_plat.jpg (301430 bytes) TL Estates Plat.jpg (1669805 bytes)

Story of Nazareth Barsumian's first visit to Tower Lakes and the purchase from his point of view

Nazareth Barsumian, circa 1960 1926 Cuba Twp. Plat 1926 Tower Lake Estates Unit No. 1 Plat
bays.jpg (95262 bytes) shore_2a.jpg (277271 bytes) west_side_a.jpg (226145 bytes) west_side_2a.jpg (159920 bytes)
Prof. Alfred W. Bays 1920's Shoreline, probably from west side toward present North Lake Shore Dr.   Toward west side, 1920's. Note tree stumps in lake near island West side (left), Oak Is. (now Duck) (rt.), 1920's
south_hills_a.jpg (215301 bytes) forest_road_a.jpg (268371 bytes) ELSD 1920s A.JPG (98030 bytes) NLSD from Oak Is.JPG (248207 bytes)
From South Hills looking north, 1920's Road, 1920's. Man may be Mr. Barsumian. East Lake Shore Dr, near present main boat landing, 1920's Believed to be from Oak Is. (now Duck Is.) looking toward North Lake Shore Dr., 1920's
Maybe The Tower.JPG (100415 bytes) 1920s shoreline scene a.jpg (106981 bytes) 1920s shoreline scene b.jpg (66876 bytes) Devils Is.JPG (87462 bytes)
From ~112 South Hills Dr. looking north, 1920's. The faint object left center is the TOWER. West Shoreline, 1920's Shoreline, 1920's Devil's Island & South Hills shoreline
ELSD South End A.JPG (84287 bytes) ELSD South End B.JPG (96267 bytes) W Side toward Roberts.JPG (232196 bytes) tower_&_gateway_a.jpg (239314 bytes)
South bay. ELSD area (left), Devil's Is (Rt.), looking toward Kelsey Rd, 1920's South bay. ELSD area in foreground, 1920's From west side, looking toward Roberts Rd & NLSD area, 1920's Corner of East Tower Dr. & Barrington Rd (now E. Gateway Dr.), 1920's
postcard5.jpg (93004 bytes) Tower Hill Postcard.jpg (373986 bytes) Tower Lakes Postcard 3.jpg (44972 bytes) Tower Lakes Postcard 1.jpg (53086 bytes)

Postcard, 1927, from causeway looking north toward Oak (Duck) Is & west side 

Postcard, 1927, from east side looking west Postcard, 1927, View from ~ 145 WLSD Postcard, 1927, N. Barsumian's motorboat, used to entertain prospective buyers. Near what is now Duck Is, looking toward Murray Rd. across the lake
Postcard 1 base.jpg (158266 bytes) 1927 east to west postcard 2 base.jpg (240652 bytes) west shore 3.jpg (133133 bytes) bar boat postcard 4 base.jpg (473229 bytes)
From causeway looking north toward Oak (Duck) Is & west side, 1926-27 (same as color postcard #1) From east side looking west, 1926-27 (same as color postcard #2). Man in photo may be Mr. Barsumian From ~ 145 WLSD, 1926-27 (same as color postcard #3) N. Barsumian's motorboat, used to entertain prospective buyers, 1926-27. Near what is now Duck Is (same as color postcard #4)
diving_board_a.jpg (217987 bytes) 1928_postcard.jpg (440502 bytes) Robt & Ed Barsumian.jpg (236154 bytes) 1929 Noonan House.jpg (137802 bytes)
Pier & diving board approx 1927. Probably west side, near postcard 3 scene Postcard, 1928, from causeway looking north toward Oak (Duck) Is, before it became an island Robert & Edward Barsumian at Tower Lakes, late 1920's 308 Oxford Rd., ~1929. Owned briefly by Whitleys (pictured). Later Noonan family home. 
davlin_house_1929.jpg (116696 bytes) Tower Lakes Postcard 2.jpg (49068 bytes) Tower Lakes Postcard 2B.jpg (24766 bytes) postcard a2.jpg (197929 bytes)
Davlin House, 1929 Postcard, 1930, Beach Postcard, 1930 Postcard, Rest Island looking toward beach, 1930
N Barsumian & sons.jpg (243197 bytes) 404 406 ELSD.JPG (175226 bytes) 404 ELSD.JPG (148316 bytes) Bobrytzke.JPG (91996 bytes)
Nazareth Barsumian & sons Robert, Herbert & Edward, around 1930? 404 & 406 E. Lake Shore Dr., 1929-1931, courtesy Dr. C. G. Whitley 404 E. Lake Shore Dr., 1931 Frank Bobrytzke
The following 33 photographs from 1929-1937 were provided courtesy of Bill and Trudy Thiess  32J not really 1939.jpg (98296 bytes) 5J.jpg (133714 bytes) 3j.jpg (152874 bytes)
    Taken in 1929- 1935, despite caption. Clearly shows Oak (Duck) Island before it was an island. Causeway with double bridge, 1929-35 Davlin/ Bohmbach house, 108 E. Tower
24J.jpg (186242 bytes) 9J.jpg (99324 bytes) 13J.jpg (121786 bytes) 14J.jpg (76383 bytes)
Davlin house, 1929, then owned by Bohmbach's, 108 E. Tower Dr. Left to right: David, Madelaine, Bill Jr., Madelaine, Bill Thiess Sr., late 1920's Siblings, Dave, Madelaine & Bill Thiess Jr., 1930 or maybe earlier Madelaine Thiess, 1930 or earlier
10J.jpg (154018 bytes) 15J.jpg (94677 bytes) 16J.jpg (123068 bytes) 17J.jpg (88890 bytes)
Thiess family at Tower Lakes beach Beach, 1930 Beach, water slide, 1930 Beach, water slide, 1930
18J.jpg (108911 bytes) 1930 unident house.jpg (1201053 bytes) 19J.jpg (198124 bytes) 21J.jpg (130785 bytes)
Theiss family at the Beach, 1930. (L to R: Madelaine Thiess, Madge Anglim, Bill Thiess, Madelaine Thiess, David Thiess, Marge Anglim) 412 Oxford Rd, 1930, next door to Thiess'  Bridge to beach, looking toward mainland, 1931 Oak (now Duck) Island, 1931. It was not yet an "island" at that time
8J.jpg (152126 bytes) 23j.jpg (98348 bytes) 22J.jpg (221444 bytes) 33J.jpg (93798 bytes)
204 Terrace Dr., with islands & bridges in background, early 1930's 220 E. Lake Shore Dr., mid 1930's. Original Barsumian home, then TL Admin Bldg in 1930's. Note bridge (no longer exists) at N. end of Rest Is. Social Life 1932. TLIA members put on a play. Top row 4th from left is Bill Thiess Jr, Btm row, 2nd from left is David Thiess, 5th from left is Madelaine Thiess Unidentified house, 1933
26J.jpg (201414 bytes) 28J.jpg (165703 bytes) 27J.jpg (125282 bytes) 31J.jpg (118081 bytes)
25370 E. Gateway, 1934 with E. Tower Dr. in foreground. At the time this was part of the Bohmbach (ex Davlin) yard at 108 E. Tower. Filling station at entrance can be seen through trees Beach, 1934 Looking toward Devil's Is from WLSD, 1934 View from west side toward beach, 1935
1935 Theiss House.jpg (144100 bytes) 11J.jpg (202606 bytes) 12J.jpg (170430 bytes) 34J.jpg (217716 bytes)
416 Oxford Rd., 1935. The Theiss home was started in 1927, finished in 1928, remodeled to year-round use in 1955 and was owned by the second generation of the original family until 2004 416 Oxford Rd, Thiess home, early 1930's Rear of 416 Oxford Rd, Thiess home, early 1930's 609, 611, 613 ELSD from back yard of 416 Oxford Rd, 1936. Note undeveloped South Hills in background 
7J.jpg (225129 bytes) 4j.jpg (132666 bytes) 30j.jpg (143621 bytes) 25j.jpg (129272 bytes)
609, 611, 613 ELSD from back yard of 416 Oxford Rd, Sept. 1936 East Lake Shore Dr. ~1937 Madelaine Thiess (rt) & friend Jean ?, south end of lake, 1937 Looking toward Devil's Is & south end of lake from WLSD, 1937
29j.jpg (153311 bytes) 6j.jpg (169325 bytes)    
607 & 609 East Lake Shore Dr., ~1937  Thiess family and friends on Rest Island Bridge. Front row right is Delores McQuinney a cousin who was one of first women to Antarctica    
20J.jpg (213345 bytes) 20J reverse.jpg (196620 bytes) Millicent Marshall Letter.jpg (162921 bytes)  
Bridge to beach, 1931 Reverse of postcard at left Memories of Tower Lakes in the 1930s by former resident Millicent Marshall  
The following 18 photos are 1930's postcards which were sold at Carr's Sweet Shop in Wauconda (now Main St Cafe). Courtesy of the collection of Gerry (Kiesler) Vogel.
1930s_postcard11.jpg (130743 bytes) 1930s_postcard5.jpg (131778 bytes) 1930s_postcard12.jpg (110872 bytes) 1930s_postcard13.jpg (99626 bytes)
Rest Island & pergola, 1931? Girl under bridge is Gerry (Kiesler) Vogel (1931-34?)  Bridge to beach, 1931 Island (now called Duck Is.), 1931? Gerry (Kiesler) Vogel rowing.
1930s_postcard10.jpg (102091 bytes) 1930s_postcard4.jpg (123235 bytes) 1930s_postcard7.jpg (121609 bytes)  1930s_postcard8.jpg (121983 bytes)

Toyland (now called Play Island), 1931? 

410 & 411 E Lake Shore Dr. & causeway after old bridge was torn down & before new suspension bridge (1934-35) Reading Island (now called Duck Island) 507 E. Lake Shore Dr. from WLSD, 1934-35 
1930s_postcard3.jpg (124423 bytes)  1930s_postcard6.jpg (144676 bytes) 1930s_postcard9.jpg (103613 bytes) 1930s_postcard14.jpg (124456 bytes) 
 From rear of 410 E. Lake Shore Dr. Foreground bridge to Spring Is. (now called Duck Is.) Reading Island (now called Duck Island) WLSD @ Murray Rd., mid 1930's New bridge from Rest Is. to mainland, circa 1935
ELSD_1930s_more.jpg (110535 bytes) 1930s_postcard15.jpg (135281 bytes) play_is_late_30s.jpg (139554 bytes) 1930s_postcard2.jpg (97905 bytes)
607, 609, 611, 613, 507 E. Lake Shore Dr., before 1938. (House numbers were different then) New bridges from Rest Is. & beach to mainland, circa 1935 Play Island, late 1930's Rest Is. & 1st Admin Building (220 E. Lake Shore Dr.), late 1930's.
1930s_postcard16.jpg (112103 bytes) 1930s_postcard17.jpg (126870 bytes) Carrs_stamp.jpg (41947 bytes)  
Beach, circa 1935  Tower Lakes (left center), Carr's Sweet Shop (upper left), rest are Bangs Lake, Wauconda (~1935)    
The following 7 photos are courtesy of Mrs Gerry Vogel  Gerry_1928.jpg (92948 bytes) Gerry_1934.jpg (99287 bytes) kieslers.jpg (70171 bytes)
  Gerry Kiesler at Tower Lakes 1928 Gerry Kiesler 1934  Kiesler's
410_ELSD_1931.jpg (74710 bytes) 410_ELSD_late1930s.jpg (59934 bytes) Dalbauer_boat.jpg (69132 bytes) Dalbauer_fish.jpg (96462 bytes) 
410 E. Lake Shore Dr., 1931 410 E. Lake Shore Dr., late 1930's

Gus Dalbauer, 1930's

Gus Dalbauer, 410 ELSD, 1930's, 8 big northerns

advertisement_1a.jpg (209515 bytes) 1930s Ad 2.JPG (229300 bytes) 1930s Ad 3.JPG (275324 bytes) ELSD1930s.jpg (72833 bytes)
Advertisement 193? Advertisement 193?. Note Fox River view from west side in lower left picture Advertisement 193? Postcard, 1930's, ELSD from South Hills, w/ Snake Is. in foreground
Medallion.jpg (168037 bytes) statue_2.jpg (104934 bytes) statues.jpg (76712 bytes) 1935 Suspension Bridge Postcard 159.jpg (229126 bytes)
3.5" Bronze House Medallion, as used in 1920's & 30's (from 507 ELSD) TL Statue 1930's TL Statues 1930's Postcard, postmarked in 1935, showing suspension bridge to Rest Is and the Admin. Bldg, now 220 E. Lake Shore Dr.
usgs 1935 small.jpg (940370 bytes) 1936_plat.jpg (379477 bytes) Late 1930s Entrance Postcard 1434422.jpg (149616 bytes) Late 1930s Rest Is Structure Postcard 1434423.jpg (143316 bytes)
1935 USGS topo map now showing Lake and planned Rt 59. 1936 Cuba Twp. Plat  Late 1930's postcard showing guard house at Essex Dr Entrance Late 1930's postcard showing pergola structure on Rest Is
The following 11 photos are from a Tower Lake Estates brochure circa 1937 37brochure_Rest_Is.jpg (94539 bytes) 37brochure_big_bridge.jpg (64281 bytes) Muller_house.jpg (67153 bytes)
   Note pergola/gazebo on Rest Is New cross-lake suspension bridge 211 WLSD. Juan Muller was TLIA President 1938-9 & VP 1935-7
37brochure_small_susp_bridge.jpg (77714 bytes) 37_Campbell_house.jpg (70315 bytes) 37_Graham_house.jpg (63905 bytes) 37_Spring_Is_bridge.jpg (72726 bytes)
Suspension bridge to Rest Island   210 Oak St. 302 Devonshire Rd, Harriet Graham was 1st TLIA President, 1931-2, her husband Jim was President 1935-8 Spring Is. is now called Duck Is.
37_Spring_Is.jpg (65329 bytes) 37brochure_water.jpg (78716 bytes) 37brochure_N_shore.jpg (81749 bytes) 37_Admin_Bldg.jpg (61632 bytes)

Spring Island (now called Duck Island)

The story of TL "health" water. The fountain room was beside main gate on Rt. 59. Couple under tree are @ what is now 114 ELSD 220 ELSD, former Barsumian home, used as Admin Bldg for RE sales in 1930's
Late 1930s Bridge to Rest Is Postcard 1434424.jpg (451743 bytes) Late 1930s Bridge to Rest Is Postcard 1434425.jpg (434582 bytes) small_1939_aerial.jpg (393136 bytes)
Tower Lakes School Sept 27, 1938
Boy on left is believed to be Col. Bell, founder of Bell & Snell Real Estate
Late 1930's postcard showing bridge to Rest Is Another late 1930's postcard showing bridge to Rest Is 1939 aerial photograph provided by the Lake Co Dept of Management Services, 3.3mb. Click for background on this photo.
n lake plat.jpg (382926 bytes) TL Estates Unit 3 Plat.jpg (474088 bytes) Tower Lakes Entrance Postcard.JPG (84141 bytes)
Postcard, 1940, of "Reading Island", now called Duck Island 1941 Tower Lake Estates Unit No. 2 (North Lake) Plat 1941 Tower Lake Estates Unit No. 3 (West side) Plat Postcard, ~1945, of Entrance to Tower Lakes at the east end of East Tower Dr.
school_aerial.jpg (110251 bytes) 611 elsd 1948 to 56.jpg (206634 bytes) 1948_aerial.jpg (205293 bytes) collage_ad_a.jpg (308754 bytes)
Early 1940's Aerial of Admin Bldg, Gas Station & School 611 East Lake Shore Dr, 1948-1956 Nov 27, 1948 Aerial (note how Roberts Rd. was straightened since 1939 photo) Advertisement 194?
Note how ELSD is a gravel road which diminishes to a dirt track
car_in_lake.jpg (56484 bytes) main_gate_&_office.jpg (55101 bytes) 35J.jpg (235718 bytes) Waiting for the school bus circa 1950.jpg (125402 bytes)
oops! Car in lake off WLSD ~1940's, the only one of 6 such incidents we know of for which we have a photo. Courtesy, Edith Nagler. Main entry (1940's?) & Office (1950's?)  1950 view of 515 & 507 ELSD from back yard of 416 Oxford Rd. Courtesy, Trudy Thiess Waiting for the school bus, circa 1950
1951 beach people.jpg (208509 bytes) 1951 beach from Rest Is.jpg (130237 bytes) 1950-51 Admin Bldg.jpg (196705 bytes)
20 page brochure in PDF format Beach ~1951 (Toyland later renamed Play Island) Beach ~1951 (note all the trees on the beach island) 2nd Admin Building, 1951 (now Village Office)
219 ELSD 1950s.jpg (231368 bytes) Barsumian Home 250 Scenic 1950s.jpg (233904 bytes) Suspension bridge 414 ELSD 1950's.jpg (250378 bytes) 515 ELSD 1950s.jpg (211938 bytes)
219 ELSD & old bridge to Rest Is, ~1951 Barsumian Home on Tower Hill, 250 Scenic Dr., ~1951 Large Suspension Bridge & 414 ELSD, ~1951 515 E. Lake Shore Dr., ~1951 
221 Oak St 1951.jpg (183345 bytes) 1951 Entry Gate.jpg (147616 bytes) Find the address of this house 2 1951.jpg (173321 bytes) 1951 Beach People 2.jpg (136064 bytes)
221 Oak St., ~1951 Main Entry ~1951 209 Oak St., ~1951 People at beach 1950-51
403 Roberts Rd 1951.jpg (69416 bytes) 1950 Caretaker Snow Plowing.jpg (241057 bytes) 1951 oiling the roads.jpg (230667 bytes) unknown shore 1951.jpg (107064 bytes)
Caretaker's Ken Chappel's residence, 403 Roberts Rd., owned then by TLIA, 1951 Caretaker Ken Chappel snowplowing, 1950. This truck fell through the ice delivering sand to the beach in the early 1950's. Oiling the roads, 1951 Unidentified shore, 1951
find the address of this house 3 1951.jpg (156248 bytes) 1951 West Shore.jpg (104748 bytes) 1951 typical gang mail boxes.jpg (162596 bytes) 310 Warwick 1951.jpg (246871 bytes)
Unknown address, ~1951 West shore, 1951 Typical gang mailboxes, 1951 310 Warwick Rd., 1951
find the address of this house 5 1951.jpg (262173 bytes) 1951 TLIA Board.jpg (102609 bytes) 1950-51 TLIA Meeting.jpg (132627 bytes) Duck Island 1951.jpg (233445 bytes)
409 Raleigh Pl, ~1951. Marvin Bradley was nationally known as the illustrator on the comic strip Rex Morgan MD from 1948-78. The Bradley's later moved to 233 WLSD. TLIA Board, 1950 or 1951 TLIA Meeting, 1950 or 1951 Duck Island, 1951
Rest Island Boat House 1950s.jpg (128253 bytes) play_is_1950s.jpg (58517 bytes) rest_is_1950s.jpg (79024 bytes) postcard b2.jpg (179482 bytes)
Boat House on Rest Island, ~1950-51 Play Island, probably 1950's Rest Island, probably 1950's Postcard, 1952
Courtesy, George & Dorothy Pratt
1955_Daily_News.jpg (226032 bytes) 404 _ELSD.jpg (91084 bytes) 204 Terrace 1956.jpg (106827 bytes) tlbarsumian.jpg (13486 bytes)
1955 Chicago Daily News Article 404 E. Lake Shore Dr., 1955. Courtesy George & Dorothy Pratt 204 Terrace Dr., 1956 Nazareth Barsumian, Nov. 1957 dedication of fountain on Rest Island

TL Bulletin March 1959.JPG (133486 bytes)

North Lake March 1959.JPG (135272 bytes) 1959 Plat of South Hills.jpg (208989 bytes) 1959 April 9 Ad.jpg (243391 bytes)
March 1959 newsletter clipping March 1959 newsletter article about new homes at North Lake 1959 South Hills Plat April 9, 1959 Tower Lakes Estates Real Estate Ad
1959 April 16 Ad.jpg (246821 bytes) 1959 April 23 Ad.jpg (245617 bytes) 1959 April 30 Ad.jpg (261869 bytes) 1960 Aerial.JPG (159918 bytes)
April 16, 1959 Tower Lakes Estates Real Estate Ad w/ aerial photo April 23, 1959 Tower Lakes Estates Real Estate Ad April 30, 1959 Tower Lakes Estates Real Estate Ad Aerial of Tower Lakes ~1960 (note lack of trees around the new Davlin's pond and only 2 houses in North Lake)
1963 Flag.JPG (306424 bytes)
Rest island, 1963 NBS students working on history project visit former one room Tower Lakes School built in 1925 at 410 N Rt 59 on the site of the previous Davlin School. Photo taken in spring 1963, then owned by Miner family. Jim Boeger's boyhood memories of fishing in Tower Lakes A sermon written in April 2000 by former resident Rev. Kathleen Harris which contains memories of her childhood in Tower Lakes 1961-70
1965 North Lake.JPG (197180 bytes)
Memories of Tower Lakes 1961-72 excerpted from two 2002 letters by former resident Rev. Kathleen Harris North Lake, 1965 Dredging barge, May 1966 Dredging barge, May 1966
1966 Incorporation.JPG (325275 bytes)
Al Mitchell of Davlin Construction (yes that Davlin) at soccer field, May 1966. Note depth of excavation prior to filling with dredged material Dredging barge at Rest Island, June 1966. Note Rest Island Pergola in background  Soccer Field June 1966, dug out & refilling w/ dredging mtl. by Davlin Construction Co. Boy in foreground is Randy Speiss Certificate of Incorporation, Sept 12, 1966, following 203-116 vote Sept 10, 1966

1966-1979 - Post-incorporation Village of Tower Lakes


Marshal Badge.jpg (493350 bytes) aerial_1968_2.jpg (139806 bytes) aerial_1968_1.jpg (125353 bytes) Wagner McKee Hussissian.JPG (105638 bytes)
Marshal's Badge, ~1968. The Marshal position was created in July 1968 and functioned until it was replaced by the Police Department, formed in June 1972  Tower Lake, summer 1968 North Lake Shore Dr., summer 1968 Howard McKee, Cy Wagner, Khoren Hussissian, 1969
1970 Barsumian Park 2.JPG (169532 bytes) 1970 Barsumian Park 1.JPG (270066 bytes) Barsumian Park Circa 1971.JPG (78442 bytes) Memorial Day 1971.jpg (28861 bytes)
Khoren Hussissian, Rose Barsumian, 1970 TLIA President Jim Pfeil & Village President Cy Wagner dedicate Barsumian Park, 1970 Barsumian Park, circa 1971 Hot dog stand, Memorial Day 1971
607 ELSD 1971.jpg (119928 bytes) house_move.jpg (90662 bytes) 1973_aerial.jpg (215694 bytes)
607 E. Lake Shore, ~1971 The Ford house was built on Scenic Dr., between 260 & 268. It was purchased by Mrs. Barsumian who lived at 250 Scenic and she had it moved down the hill to 101 West Dr. in 1971 to be resold there. Most of the town came to watch. George Harris, of 603 East Lake Shore Dr, at beach in 1972 April 1973 Aerial
fve_barn.jpg (274760 bytes) FVE_farmhouses.jpg (156746 bytes)  
Tower Lakes Police Badge #3, early 1970's Barn on Durham farm ~1974, which became Fenview Estates 6 BR farmhouse which once stood in area of Fenview Estates, 1974  
    Path to beach from ELSD parking lot, circa 1974. Note large trees at the time. TLPD registers bikes on ELSD, circa 1974
Tower Lakes Police Chief Gunnar Jensen's squad car at 1970's "headquarters" - his home at 502 Summit Dr in the nearby unincorporated Shady Hill subdivision TLPD Chief Gunnar Jensen & squad car on Roberts Rd @ WLSD, mid 1970's TLPD Drug contraband, mid 1970's Vandalism on bridge to Play Is, mid 1970's
MayorDavlin.jpg (149576 bytes) 318 ELSD mid 70s.jpg (50121 bytes) Beach House & Bridge 1970s.jpg (40256 bytes) Rest Is Pergola 1970s.JPG (83644 bytes)
Note: there are some minor factual errors in this fascinating story published for Wauconda's 1977 Centennial, for more on the Davlin family see Pioneer Families 318 ELSD, mid 1970's Old Beach House & Bridge, 1970's Rest Is. Pergola, 1970's
hussissian.jpg (109605 bytes) Thanksgiving 1977.jpg (55937 bytes) Christmas 1977.jpg (85998 bytes) Wish June 1979.jpg (64679 bytes)
Khoren Hussissian 1977 sketch by TL resident Vern McKissack First appeared in Newsletter Nov 1977. By TL resident Vern McKissack Christmas in Tower Lakes. First appeared in Newsletter Dec 1977. By TL resident Vern McKissack By TL resident Vern McKissack


Mayors & Chiefs


Chief Gunnar Jensen.jpg (50896 bytes) zamiski 1986.jpg (87666 bytes) Chief Ralph Evans.jpg (62676 bytes)
Chief Gunnar Jensen, 1st Tower Lakes Marshal/ Police Chief, 1968-1982 Chief Ed Zamiski, 1986, 2nd Tower Lakes Police Chief, 1983-1992 Chief Ralph Evans, 3rd Tower Lakes Police Chief, 1992-1995 Chief Jim Eccles, July 3, 2006, 4th Tower Lakes Police Chief, 1995-1997
Sinacore 2004.jpg (160377 bytes) DSC00881.JPG (397079 bytes)  
Chief Sam Sinacore, 2004, 5th Tower Lakes Police Chief, 1997-present Chief Sam Sinacore  
Cy Wagner.JPG (54279 bytes) Wagner Picnic.JPG (240084 bytes) Wagner&Photo2.JPG (146745 bytes) cy wagner 2.jpg (61141 bytes)
Cyril C. Wagner, TLIA President 1964-66, 1st Village President 1966-79 Sept 6, 1979 article on former Village President Cy Wagner Cy Wagner Day, Sept 3, 1979 Photo which accompanied Cy Wagner's obituary in Tower Lakes Newsletter Jan 1980
george simmons 1988.jpg (11957 bytes) Bill Schneider 1989.jpg (31065 bytes) Bill Hanson 1995.jpg (101439 bytes) Bill Fitzpatrick Swear In 1995.jpg (78485 bytes)
George H. Simmons Jr., 1988, Village President 1979-83 William M. Schneider, 1989, Village President 1983-91 Palmer W. (Bill) Hanson, 1995, Village President 1991-95 William J. Fitzpatrick, 1995, Village President 1995-2000, being sworn in by TL resident Judge Skip Tonigan
DSC00908.JPG (433736 bytes)
Leonard J. Kuskowski,
2003, Village President 2000-06
T. Brian Gidley, Village President 2006-2007 Kathleen O. Leitner, Village President, 2007-present

1980's & 90's


Bridge Sketch 1980.jpg (86419 bytes) July 4 1981.jpg (136159 bytes) roses park dedication.jpg (162758 bytes)
Ray Spiess 2011 memories of sailing, tennis and other stories of Tower Lakes in the 70's and 80's, with pictures Sketch by BHS student Mark Jackson, son of Brad & Mary Jackson of West Lake Shore Dr. 1st printed Feb 1980 and many times since in Newsletter A visitor's impression of July 4, 1981 in Tower Lakes Mrs. N. Rose Barsumian and Bill Hanson at dedication of Rose's Park Aug. 28, 1983
Christmas 1986.jpg (115585 bytes) Ruhlin Monument at Soccer Field.jpg (93049 bytes) 1990 Kids on Bridge.jpg (350768 bytes)
 1986 sketch of Tower Lakes main gates by Vern McKissack Ruhlin momument at Soccer Field. Daily Herald real estate column on Tower Lakes, August 1989 End of school year treasure hunt on the islands, June 1990
1990 Car in North Lake.jpg (90005 bytes) 1992 Village Hall in LB.jpg (106680 bytes)

1992 Baird Warner Bldg.jpg (162405 bytes)

Cheren Bench.jpg (69053 bytes)
Sept. 11, 1990, teenager Mark Hoerster rescues boy from car in North Lake President Bill Hanson & Chief Ralph Evans & 1992 Tower Lakes Village Office in neighboring Lake Barrington, Nov. 1992 Baird & Warner Real Estate Office (formerly Gooch Real Estate & Tower Lakes Real Estate) July 4, 1992. Later became Tower Lakes Village Office.  Jane Cheren memorial bench on Toy Island
OConnell Plaque 1996.jpg (319637 bytes) spellman.jpg (274020 bytes)
Storyteller's Circle, Rest Island, created in 1996 March 1998 incident that made national news Entry Monument, 1998
Beach House 2000.jpg (220305 bytes) New Swings 1999.jpg (229051 bytes)
New beach house, built by TLIA in 1998, to replace smaller one New Play Island swings, installed by TLIA in 1998 Lindy Lewis memorial Gazebo property on WLSD, donated to TLIA by Bob Lewis in Oct 1998 Suspension bridge from Rest Is toward Play Is, 1999
Suspension bridge from Play Is toward Rest Is, 1999  Play Is Beach July 4, 1999 Bike patrol, 1999  


New Millennium


millennium tent.jpg (327891 bytes) Hockey 2000.jpg (220735 bytes) Millennium_Cert.jpg (135095 bytes) kainz.jpg (157285 bytes)
Over 600 attended the Millennium party in this heated tent on the soccer field, Dec 31, 1999. The biggest party in Tower Lakes since 1925! Hockey game on the main lake, 2000 White House names Tower Lakes a Millennium Community Spring of 2000, in the national news again
Village Flagpole.jpg (113221 bytes)
Aerial photo of the Village from Rt 59 and Indian Trail Rd, with Fox River visible beyond at top, July 2000 Rest Is, Play Is & Duck Is, looking South July 2000 Play Island, July 2000 New flagpole at Village Hall, dedicated July 4, 2000, with a flag flown over the capitol in Washington DC on Jan. 1 2000 in honor of Tower Lakes 
Davlin Farm House 2000.jpg (210492 bytes)


New bridge to S end of Toy Is, built July 2000, and dedicated as Covek's Crossing Davlin farmhouse, 2000, then owned by Dave & Tommy Duke Former one room Tower Lakes School built in 1925 at 410 N Rt 59 on the site of the previous Davlin School. The original red brick had been covered by stucco and added onto to create a private residence in 1950's by Mr. Barsumian and first occupied by Khoren Hussissian's son. Photo taken in 2000, then owned by Ross family Bridge to Rest Is, December 2000
2001 Swim Team.jpg (181687 bytes)
Balloon touch & go, 2001 Swim meet, 2001 Swim meet, 2001 July 4 Play Island Beach, 2001
grandview dr oct 2001 b.jpg (129183 bytes)
July 2001 Resident swans, 2001 3 Villages worked together to get $400,000 in improvements to Grandview Dr. entrance to North Barrington School. Shown Oct 10, 2001 from left to right: Lake Barrington Administrator John Reindl, North Barrington President Linda Starkey, Lake Barrington President Connie Schoefield, Rep Mark Beaubien, Senator Bill Peterson, Tower Lakes President Len Kuskowski, Cuba Twp Clerk & TL resident Rebecca Tonigan, Cuba Twp Hwy Commissioner Kermit Smiddy
December 2001 Chief Sinacore at Police Kids Fair, Aug 18, 2002 Police Dept & 1st chopper landing in Tower Lakes, Aug 18, 2002 Village Hall/ Police Dept, Aug 2002
Barsumian Rd trail tree.JPG (555330 bytes) Easter 2003.JPG (473035 bytes)
Village Hall/ Police Dept, Aug 2002 Police PT Cruiser, donated by local residents, 2002 Indian trail tree? on Barsumian Dr Easter 2003
April 2003 Wagner Fen Fire a.JPG (433601 bytes) April 2003 Wagner Fen Fire b.JPG (481671 bytes) Fire 2003.jpg (491470 bytes) ice fishing.jpg (97981 bytes)
Wagner Fen fire April 27, 2003 Wagner Fen fire April 27, 2003 Wagner Fen fire April 27, 2003 Ice Fishing, Feb 2004
cimg0241.jpg (233636 bytes)
The Chicago Highland Rifles raise the first Village logo flag, donated by Chief Sinacore, June 21, 2004 251 WLSD, Aug 2004 (The old path from WLSD to the bridge) 251 WLSD, Nov 2004 from same spot 251 WLSD, Dec 2006 from same spot
New bridge & bike path under construction on Roberts Rd, 2004 2004 2004 President Kuskowski & Al Geurtage of the Lake County Highway Department open new Roberts Rd Bridge/Bike Path, June 18 2005
The highlight of summer in Tower Lakes is the Fourth of July celebration. Little has changed in over 80 years, including our neighborhood parade and other simple traditions that could be right out of a Norman Rockwell scene. The following pictures from recent July 4 holidays are typical of our charming hometown celebrations held annually since 1924.
Parade, July 4, 2005 Rest Island, July 4, 2005 "The Guys" band, July 4, 2005 Annual canoe race, July 4, 2005
Venetian Night Luau, July 1 2006 Venetian Night Luau, July 1 2006 Movie Night at the baseball diamond, July 2, 2006 Bounce maze, July 3, 2006
Sailboat Races, July 3, 2006 Parade, July 4, 2006 Pony Rides, July 4, 2006 Rest Island, July 4, 2006
Tug-O-War, July 4, 2006 Melon Race, July 4, 2006 Full Boat, July 4, 2006 Packed Play Island beach, July 4, 2006
Coming Soon  
Cross-lake suspension bridge, Jan 2006 101 Essex, demolished in spring 2006 101 Essex, new house  
Bolger home, 719 NLSD, demolished 2006 719 NLSD, demolished 2006 719 NLSD, new house 2006 719 NLSD, new house 2006
Centuries-old entry oaks, Dec 2004. These trees died in 2005 Making something out of the remains, July 2006 Marengo, Illinois chainsaw artist Mike Bihlmaier starts his work  
      Finished carving August 2006
Oct 28, 2006, Members of the Kuskowski family unveil the memorial on Roberts Rd to Village President Kuskowski, who died in office in June 2006   Dec 2006 TLIA's Lindy Lewis Gazebo on WLSD, spring 2007
Major remodel of 151 WLSD, 2007 Memorial benches in Barsumian Park Memorial bench in Barsumian Park Memorial bench in Barsumian Park
  606 ELSD, demolished Jan 2009 606 ELSD, demolished Jan 2009 606 ELSD, new house 2009
March 2009, demolition of old Play Island/Rest Island bridge deck March 2009, demolition of old bridge deck March 2009, demolition of old bridge anchors March 2009, preparing to pour new bridge anchor
April 2009, new bridge cables & deck   April 2009, new bridge deck installation May 2009, refurbished Play Island/Rest Island suspension bridge   
May 9, 2009, TLIA President Susan Dehnert cuts ribbon on refurbished Play Island/Rest Island bridge Scott Landa Memorial tree at volleyball court 327 ELSD, demolished 200x 327 ELSD, new house 200x
Nov 2, 2012, officials from the Village of Tower Lakes, Tower Lakes Community Foundation, Cuba Township, Barrington Area Conservation Trust and Citizens For Conservation pose in Barclay's Woods after closing on the 2012 purchase of it's 14.63 acres, preserving it as a park New playground equipment in Aram Park, Oct 2012 1st responders on scene of house fire at 233 West Lake Shore Dr, May 24, 2013. 18 trucks from 14 departments were able to save the structure with no injuries 13 year old Pranav Sivakumar of Tower Lakes takes second in Scripps National Spelling Bee near Washington DC, nationally televised on ESPN, May 30, 2013

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